Find your unique voice as an Interior Designer and elevate your game.

This is a Four-Month 1:1 mentoring program for professional Interior Designers 

to discover their true design identity and carve out a successful market niche

I Work With

The United Nations, International Telecommunication Union (ITU), UNESCO, World Heritage, Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Qatar Foundation, Saudi Ministry of Culture, and Bahrain Authority for Culture and Antiquities.

MOFA Saudi

Are you:

Tired of accommodating your client's style rather than your own?

Suffering from endless design revisions?

Overwhelmed by all facets of the design process and don't know where to start?

Taking on any project to make ends meet?

Forced to lower your fees and accept unrealistic deadlines to stay afloat?

Feeling alone and isolated with no accurate guidance and support?

Drowning and wondering how you got to any or all of the above points?

SACD Mentor

Would you like to:

Find your True Identity as a designer?

Feel inspired about your work and love what you do?

Find your Ideal client who gets it!

Have the luxury of choosing the projects you want to work on?

Deliver a project stamped with your true identity and unique brand?

Hone the design process and deliver with confidence?

Charge professional fees for the bespoke work you provide?

What do you get in my program?

With over 20 years of international working and mentoring experience, I will help you put an end to juggling between design styles, competing for projects, and attracting the wrong client.

Together we’ll find your authentic and unique design voice so you gain clarity and attract the ideal client and projects.

You will hone your design processes with confidence.

What's Inside?

This is a four-month 1:1 hands-on mentoring program in which I will share all my processes and procedures honed over the course of 20+ years. 

I will provide custom mentoring sessions for each designer, sharing a complete step-by-step design process - from finding your design voice to delivering your final presentation.

How Does It Work?

A 2-Hour initial design Audit

A 1-Hour support session every two weeks

A monthly 1-hour Master Mind group call

Email and WhatsApp support from Sunday to Thursday (11am - 4pm)

SACD Presentation Templates to complete each Design Stage

Project reviews

Graduation Certificate


What will we cover?


How to manifest your "Personal Identity"

  • • How to find your identity
  • • Understand what you do
  • • Who you are through your five senses
  • • How to identify your values
  • • Does your work embody your identity


"Getting Organized"

  • • How to set up required software programs
  • • Discuss SACD process and procedures
  • • How to prepare your Project Templates
  • • How to create Pinterest boards/ divisions
  • • How to create a Project Binder


"Big Picture"

Concept Design
  • • How to create a Design story
  • • How to prepare Mood Sheets and Boards
  • • How to curate a FF&E Direction
  • • How to prepare for Presentation


"Focusing In"

Design Development (Phase I)
  • • How to articulate your scope
  • • How to focus on key areas
  • • How to curate Images Per Area.
  • • How to prepare FF&E selections Per Area


"The Big Reveal"

Design Develoment (Phase II)
  • • How to prepare Partial Area Drawings
  • • How to present FF&E selections
  • • How to prepare for renderings
  • • How to place Fabrics on FF&E sheets
  • • How to prepare for Presentation


"Finish with Style"

The Final Design Stage
  • • How to create a Table of Content
  • • Share and discuss Drawings and Templates
  • • How to select and present Hard Finishes
  • • How to create FF&E Spec Sheets/Book
  • • How to submit a professional presentation

There is More ...

Interior Design Services Proposal

In this Mentorship Program, I will help you translate the "Design Process." into a 'written and visual' Interior Design Services Proposal. It will make your offering understood without repeated explanations.

"Pain Points into Profit"

With every project, designers offer complimentary services that consume many hours and go unappreciated. I will help you address these pain points and turn them into paid "Additional Services."

This IS for you if...

You are a professional Interior Designer.

You need help finding your unique identity to capture a strong market niche

You need guidance to set up clear design processes and procedures

You want to attract your dream projects and ideal clients to work with

This is NOT for you if...

You are not an Interior Designer

You already have a clear design identity with a strong market niche

You are content with your current design processes and procedures

You already work on your dream projects with your ideal clients

Meet your expert

Welcome, I am Sonia Ashoor

I am an award-winning interior architect and cultural consultant.

This is my story...

I come from a multicultural background, speak four languages and run a successful Cultural Design Firm. I work with some of the world's most prestigious organizations, including UNESCO, The United Nations, and The Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

But it wasn't always like that.

I was born in Germany to a Persian mother and a Saudi Father. At age eight, my parents moved us back to Saudi Arabia; Everything was unfamiliar and very foreign to me. I spoke no Arabic or English, only German and Farsi. Forced to adapt to my new environment, I became anonymous to fit in.

It was not until I attended university at the school of architecture that I found my calling in Islamic Art and culture. It was not a trendy choice then, but it felt right. In it, I found a belonging like never before.

This was a pivoting point in my life; with it, I slowly grew my voice and identity as a person and designer.

This was over 20 years ago. Since then, I have established an award-winning design firm, tackling cultural and sovereign projects worldwide.

I can help you find your unique design voice too!

I learned how to build a true identity and transform the intangible into a tangible and unique design voice. I have been there and was forced to find my way back to my true self.

In many ways, I am grateful for not fitting in because who I am now and what I do is UNIQUELY MINE!

Where from here...

When I started my design business in Saudi Arabia 20 years ago, I was on my own and had to learn things the hard way. While navigating my road map, I made many mistakes but learned from every single one of them. Those mistakes were true blessings in disguise, and it took me many years to connect the dots to appreciate my growth.

In this program, you will be guided by someone who's been there and had to hustle whilst building her business from the ground up.

I had no privileges or "network" of contacts. I know what it's like to feel unguided. 


I developed the right tools and paid it forward from the start. I set up design departments, spoke at conferences, taught and mentored many. So, I decided to offer this unique professional mentoring program for the value it will deliver to so many Interior Designers.

I want to use my professional experience to help you find your unique voice and build your own successful business. 

I am sure you have previously bought an online course you never finished or attended events in which you were just one of many. Although I tried all these, this program sets itself apart from others. You will have direct access to a self-made, experienced designer who understands cultural context and its demands. 

By the end of this program, you will be confident and equipped with the right tools that apply to your situation and market context.

I have your back!

"What you seek is seeking You" - Rumi

Are you ready to attract your ideal client and dream projects? Then, it is time you shed that worn-out costume to reveal the unique person you are. This is your chance, and I am here to guide you every step of the way.

4 Month 1:1 Mentoring Program*

I'm only taking a limited number of one-on-one Interior Designers to ensure you receive the attention you deserve!

2-hour Initial Design Audit to assess your priorities to help you grow your business

1-hour Mentoring call every two weeks: Mentoring and guiding each designer through a complete step-by-step design process from finding your design voice to the final presentation

Monthly 1-hour Master Mind group call: Connect with other Interior Design professionals in this mentorship to network and learn from each others experiences.

Email and WhatsApp support from Sunday through Thursday (11am-4pm)

Project Review; Individual advise and feedback about your work

Graduation Certificate: With the successful completion of this mentoring program, you will receive a printed graduation certificate.

*If the timeline or items here don't exactly match what

you need, we will customize it for you and your team!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there refunds?
Unfortunately, not. This is a high-touch 1:1 program, and I am giving my time.

You must be highly committed and have an all-in attitude, as will I.

Why is there a substantial investment?
This is a bespoke 1:1 program focused on uniquely you.

How do I see immediate results?
You apply the information from each completed stage to your current projects. This will help you organize your work, save time, and avoid unnecessary revisions. By the end of all the steps and completion of the project, your design identity will be clear.

You will deliver with confidence and attract your ideal client.

Will your program work for my unique situation and context?
Absolutely, this is a custom-designed program just for you and your unique identity.


In this mentoring program, the "True You" will shine through, and your work will not be mistaken for another; It will be uniquely yours !

You will attract projects of choice and deliver them with confidence. In addition, you will learn how to grow the correct client list and maintain excellence through a systematic design roadmap.

No more misunderstandings, endless revisions, and stressful submissions.

As a female designer in Saudi Arabia, it was an enormous struggle to practice my profession, build credibility, and be sought out for my work.

I have been there and I want to help you navigate your path to success. I am a passionate teacher, female advocate and I care to share my knowledge with you.

Apply now for: Find your unique voice as an Interior Designer and elevate your game

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